With attractive schemes, easy repayment options and lowest interest rates we provide you liquidity for your gold and gold ornaments without having to sell them.


Saving account encourages savings habit among salary earners and others who have fixed income. It enables the depositor to earn income by way of highest interest.


Recurring deposits carry no risk or very little at all. Choose a stable and secure Nidhi Company to ensure that your money is safe.

Daily Deposit Scheme

Aiming the members with small earnings, and would like to save in daily basis. This is a revolutionary savings scheme where in the power of small savings is realized by a member.

Micro Finance

Micro-credit by itself is helpful for the more enterprising poor members in economically dynamic areas. Less enterprising poor households need to start with savings before they can benefit from micro-credit, because they need to cope with risk.


A fixed deposit is a financial instrument where an investor gives a certain sum of money to a bank or a financial institution (company) and the entity pays interest for the duration of the deposit.

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