Daily Deposit Scheme

  1. Daily Deposit Scheme

It is a deposit scheme in which members who are daily wage earners, small traders and people running small businesses can deposit money on a daily basis . This will help them to inculcate Saving habits and can help them to build bigger capitals.

Tenure Amount ROI (%) Maturity Amount
3 months 100 4 9000
6 months 100 4 18000
9 months 100 4 27000
12 months 100 4 36000

Features And Benefits:-

  1. In this scheme money can be deposited into an account on daily basis.
  2. The amount can be as small as Rupees 100/- .
  3. The best feature of the scheme is an representative of Kdsb Nidhi comes to collect the money on daily basis to your doorstep.
  4. The minimum denomination of the scheme is Rs.100/- per day and in multiples of 100.
  5. In case of withdrawal before 3 months , charge of 3% on the deposited amount.